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A Brief Introduction to Us

The African Congress of Democrats.

ACD is a South African political organization founded on the principles of Value Added Democracy.

Also, noting that South Africans are a nation with so much diversity based on different races, ethnicity, multiple languages, cultures, traditions and believes ACD strongly believes that managing that diversity in order to unite us as a nation is highly probable, if our society can be led by people and the leadership that is honest, has integrity and determination to lead the nation into a society that values its freedom by being patriotic to the country, by protecting and priding ourselves with our wealth and our inheritance.

ACD is based on the principles and ideals of a Moderate Left – We believe in working within the established system to improve social justice as enshrined within our Bill of Rights in chapter 2 of the South African constitution. ACD hold paramount what our fore fathers, from all races, our fallen and live heroes also from all South African races fought for.

We also take cognisance of global changes within vast political spectrums and economic policies but will remain firm in our belief that in order for South Africa to move forward the economic gap between the rich and the poor should be significantly and drastically narrowed. ACD together with the South Africans, majority of whom are poor, hungry and cold shall strive within all its might to take measures to eliminate poverty which is the main source of crime, lawlessness, diseases, ignorance, a lack of moral values and a lack of patriotism towards our own country irrespective of our uniqueness.

ACD strongly believes that equal opportunity improves equality of opportunity of society.

South Africans’ freedom and liberty was founded on the principles defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – And it is therefore unacceptable and highly immoral for the current government that within more than 20yrs of our Democracy our society is today dominated by the lowest level of the proletariat, comprising of unskilled workers, vagrants, and criminals. And more disturbing, our society is mainly characterized by a lack of class identification and solidarity. In short today in South Africa the lumpen proletariat has become a dominant force even more than during the apartheid era.

Today, in the eyes of the world and our African neighbors as South Africans we have lost our pride and dignity. This current situation unfortunately has been created and is perpetuated by the ANC government and the anarchy reigning within it, and thus cannot be left unchallenged.

Our people need a South Africa with security and comfort, a better life for all and a proud patriotic citizenry for our today and future generations.

South Africa needs a Leadership with moral values, responsibility, loyalty, honesty, integrity and determination to change things for the better. That leadership is the ACD.

The ACD s vision for South Africa is as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations on 10 December 1948 which stated that people have fundamental rights that must be upheld and protected no matter where they live or what their social economic status is.

The ACD s vision for South Africa is cemented in our own Bill of Rights (Chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of South).

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