Our Constitution

The Constitution of the

The African Congress of Democrats


The name of organization shall be the African Congress of Democrats (herein referred to as ACD or the Party)


2.1The main aims of the organization shall be to ensure that all that is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa will be implemented to benefit all South Africans without any fear of favor

2.2 The main objectives shall be to implement our Democracy in its entirety and also to ensure that all South Africans live a better life devoid of social and economic ills and

2.3 The organization shall also ensure that South Africans become a nation that will be patriotic to the country; its people; its values and its future for more generations to come.


3.1 ACD shall be a political party founded on the principles of democracy and will take part in the elections of all spheres of the South African Government. It shall also be an organization /party committed to up holding all the norms and values of our country and the entire world’s democratic societies.

3.2 ACD shall strive to bring together members and supporters who would share in its values to uphold and implement all the national constitutional rights of South African citizens and legal residents.

3.3 The organization shall develop policies, to make communities patriotic to the national and cultural values of our society in its diversities through collective action and support. And also promote the election of ACD representatives at all spheres of government through democratic processes.

3.4 The organization shall give effect as far as may be practical, to the principles from time to time approved by conferences.


4.1 Membership to ACD shall be open to any South African who will be willing to abide by the constitution of the organization and has a legal standing to can be a member.

The merits and demerits of that membership shall be decided or allowed by the organization and its leadership based on its founding principles.

Membership shall be subject to applications and subscriptions as determined by the organization from time to time.



All members of ACD shall have the right to can:

Participate in structures of the organization subject to its principles and procedures.

Participate in Organizations and parties affiliated to ACD and sharing and believing in its democratic principles

Every member shall be treated with respect and integrity irrespective of their gender, race, religious and cultural believes as enshrined in the South Africa Constitution’ s Bill of rights.


All members shall abide by all principle of ACD and shall irrespective of the leadership standing within the organization follow all rules and obligations

All members of ACD shall have the right to be nominated and stand for election of any structure of the organization; in lieu of the organization’s principles.

All members of the organization shall be obliged to respect and perpetuate the organization’s patriotic principles towards the country and other global democratic societies as recognized by ACD

4.2 Organizational structures and affiliated parties.


There shall be leadership of the party (referred to in this constitution as the) drawn from the founder members and those elected as soon as the party structures have been established.


There organization shall be thus organized:

  1. There shall be a Central Executive Committee (CEC) which shall subject to the founder members and also to the control and directions of the Party Congresses – authoritatively and administratively.

This structure which shall implement the decisions of the organization between congresses shall be based permanently in the Founding Province and/ or District.

  1. The organization shall where IT is established within the country be comprised thus:

Provincial Executive Committee -à Provincial Congress

Provincial Structures shall be established within all provinces post the full establishment of ACD

District Executive Committee — > District Congress

District Structures shall be established within the Districts in which they shall operate from and they shall be overseen by Provincial Structure within the Province in which they have been established

Local Executive Committee -à    Local Congress

Local Committees shall be established within their Localities and shall be overseen by District Committees within where they are located.

Sub-Locals Committees

Where practicable within each locality; Sub –Locals structures shall be organized; into areas and the number of areas shall be determined by Sub – locals subject to its population density. The purpose of which shall be to mobilize and educate as many a community as is possible.


Taking into account the diversity of the South African populace and the social ills that have deeply manifested within our society; ACD shall strive to maintain and revive the moral fibres of our society starting within its structures.

Moral Regeneration will be taken as a major priority within our structures where discipline and morality shall be upheld through education and awareness programs and steps that the organization shall deem necessary within the discipline of our constitution.

Disciplinary committees shall be established to ensure the implementation of all the organizational discipline and morality.


These shall be:

  1. Central
  2. Provincials
  • Districts
  1. Locals


These structures shall be in charge of in between workings and political operations of the Organization in between broader sittings of the Executives at all levels of the organization.

These shall be:

  1. Central Working Committee
    ii) Provincial Working Committees
    iii) District Working Committees
    iv) Local Working Committees

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